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Atom AA Capture Silver

Tuesday, 09 August, 2016 14:22
Atom AA Capture Silver

Loss 4-3 in OT to Belleville in Final

The Atomm AA Blazers came home with the AA Atom Silver Medal from the Provincials in Oshawa July 15-17.  The Blazers went undefeated until the Gold Medal final where they dropped a dramatic 4-3 overtime decision to the Belleville Grenadiers.  Penetanguishene trailed 3 - 0 in with less than 3 minutes to play in regulation time pulled their goalie on three occasions and scored each time to send the game to extra time where Belleville scored the winner.  The team was made up of:  Kyle Robillard in goal, defencemen:  Nick Lacione, Ben Desroches, Alex Einbergs, Logan Leroux, Andrew Browne and Caiden Pattenden and forwards:  Luke Charlebois, Carter Weissflog, Nick Francoeur, Carter Wilson, Liam St. Amant, Luke Lalonde, Jack Thor, Trent Leonard and Alex Wickett.  Coaches:  Andy St. Amant, Greg Lalonde, Shawn Desroches and Ken Leroux.

Below are the Atom AA game by game scoring statistics:

Preliminary Round Play

Penetang 8 Oshawa 0  Scoring stats:  Lalonde, Francoeur, Wickett and Leonard had two goals each.  Weissflog (3 assists), Charlebois, Thor, Pattenden had one assist each.  Robillard recorded the shut-out.

Penetang 6 Brampton 0.  Weissflog 2 goals Lalonde 2 goals, Wilson 1 goal + 1 assist, St. Amant 1 goal, Browne 1 goal, Wicket 1 assist, Thor 1 assist, Desroches 1 assist.  Shut out:  Robillard

Quarter Finals:  Penetang 7 Kingston 1.  Leonard 2 goals + 1 assist, Thor 1 goal + 3 assists, Francoeur 1 goal + 2 assists, Charlebois and Weissflog 1 goal + 1 assist each, St. Amant 3 assists, Desroches 1 goal.

Semi-Finals:  Penetang 5 Brampton 1.  Wickett 1 goal + 2 assists, Wilson 1 goal + 1 assist, Weissflog, Francoeur and St. Amant 1 goal each, Leonard, Pattenden, Desroches, Einbergs and Browne 1 assist each.

Finals:  Belleville 4 Penetang 3 OT.  Lalonde 2 goals, Weissflog 1 goal, Leonard and Leroux 1 assist each.


League Info

Penetang / Midland Minor Ball Hockey League

Administered by: Jamie Robillard

Year of start: 1979

Phone: 705-717-1632

Link: http://www.pmmbhl.ca

Events Calendar

May 16
May 17
May 18
May 19
May 20
May 21
May 22

2022-U10 Novice (3)

Bourgeois Ravens (Black) - Eagles (Yellow)

5:30 pm

Orioles (Orange) - Hawks (Green)

6:00 pm

Cardinals (Red) - Blue Jays (Blue)

6:30 pm

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2022-U14-Pee Wee (2)

Wolves (Green) - Mustangs (Yellow)

7:30 pm

Predators (Orange) - Rebels

8:30 pm

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2022-U18-Girls (3)

Wolverines (Purple) - Sharks (Teal)

7:30 pm

Wolverines (Purple) - Bruins (Yellow)

8:00 pm

Sharks (Teal) - Bruins (Yellow)

8:30 pm

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2022-Mini Tyke (3)

Orange - Red

5:30 pm

Navy Blue - Royal Blue

5:30 pm

Yellow - Powder Blue

6:30 pm

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2022 U8-Tyke (4)

Panthers - Bengals (White)

5:30 pm

Jaguars - Bobcats (Navy Blue)

5:30 pm

Woodland Woodcraft Tigers (Orange) - Pentor Electric Lions (Royal Blue)

6:30 pm

Penetang Home Hardware Lynx (Red) - Cameron Renovations Pumas (Green)

6:30 pm

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2022-U16-U18-Bantam-Junior (2)

Triple Tech Destroyers (Green) - Knights (Yellow)

7:30 pm

Triple Tech Raiders (Orange) - Crusaders (White)

8:30 pm

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2022-U12-Atom (2)

Marlins (Green) - Hornets (Yellow)

6:30 pm

Midland Honda Stingers (White/Red) - Sabres (Blue)

7:30 pm

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2022-U11-Girls (1)

Blue Jackets - Penguins

6:00 pm

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2022-U14-Girls (2)

Senators (Green) - Stars (Yellow)

7:15 pm

Flames (Red) - Oilers (Blue)

8:15 pm

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See full calendar for "Penetang / Midland Minor Ball Hockey League"