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Rowan's Law

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Rowan’s Law (Concussion Safety), makes Ontario a national leader in concussion management and prevention by establishing mandatory requirements that call for:

  • Annual review of concussion awareness resources that help prevent, identify and manage concussions, which athletes, coaches, educators and parents would be required to review before registering in a sport.
  • Removal-from-sport and return-to-sport protocols, to ensure that an athlete is immediately removed from sport if they are suspected of having sustained a concussion and giving them the time required to heal properly
  • A concussion code of conduct that would set out rules of behaviour to minimize concussions while playing sport.

In honour of Rowan Stringer, the 17-year-old rugby player whose death resulted from sustaining multiple concussions, the legislation establishes the last Wednesday in September as “Rowan’s Law Day”.

Ontario is the first jurisdiction in Canada to pass concussion safety legislation, setting a precedent for sport legislation across the country. The Ontario government worked closely with key medical experts, athletes, coaches and sport leaders – most notably the members of the Rowan’s Law Advisory Committee – in establishing this first-of-its-kind legislation.

Starting this season, participants will be required to review the issued Concussion Awareness Resources, sign the Acknowledgement Form and submit it to their respective local ball hockey organization.


  • All Registrants registering July 1, 2019 or after must complete the review of information and acknowledgement prior to participation in the first game.
  • All Team Officials registering July 1, 2019 or after must complete the review of information and acknowledgement prior to the start of the season.


  1. ensure that athletes under 26 years of age, parents of athletes under 18, coaches, team trainers and officials confirm every year that they have reviewed Ontario’s Concussion Awareness Resources
  2. establish a Concussion Code of Conduct that sets out rules of behaviour to support concussion prevention
  3. establish a Removal-from-Sport and Return-to-Sport protocol




OBHA Concussion Code of Conduct

OBHA Concussion Policy

Rowan's Law Acknowledgement Form


Penetang-Midland Minor Ball Hockey League Executive

Important info

phone: 705-717-1632
email: pmmbhl@hotmail.com

Facebook – open facebook page
Twitter – @pmmbhl
Instagram – PMMBHL

Sorry, Registration for the 2023 season is now closed as all our divisions of play are full.

If you missed out on registering, come back in February of 2024 to register for next season.

League Info

Penetang / Midland Minor Ball Hockey League

Administered by: Jamie Robillard

Year of start: 1979

Phone: 705-717-1632

Link: http://www.pmmbhl.ca

Events Calendar

May 29
May 30
May 31
Jun 01
Jun 02
Jun 03
Jun 04

2023-U10 Novice (3)

Cardinals (Red) - Ravens (Black)

result: 4-11

Hawks (Green) - Blue Jays (Blue)

result: 6-5

Tyke Rep (Blazers) - Eagles (Yellow)

result: 3-4

See full schedule for "2023-U10 Novice" >

2023-U14 Pee Wee (2)

Atom Rep (Blazers) - Rebels(Black)

result: 2-8

Wolves (Green) - Mustangs (Yellow)

result: 7-1

See full schedule for "2023-U14 Pee Wee" >

2023-Mini Tyke (4)

Powder Blue - Yellow

5:30 pm

Black - Red

5:30 pm

Grey - Orange

6:30 pm

Royal Blue - Navy Blue

6:30 pm

See full schedule for "2023-Mini Tyke" >

2023- Georgian Bay Metis Council U18 Girls (3)

Bruins (Yellow) - Sharks (Teal)

7:30 pm

Wolverines (Purple) - Sharks (Teal)

8:00 pm

Bruins (Yellow) - Wolverines (Purple)

8:30 pm

See full schedule for "2023- Georgian Bay Metis Council U18 Girls" >

2023-U8-Tyke A (2)

Lions (Blue) - Lynx (Red)

5:30 pm

Desjardin ins Tigers (Orange) - Pumas (Kelly Green)

6:30 pm

See full schedule for "2023-U8-Tyke A" >

2023-U8-Tyke B (2)

Jaguars (Forrest Green) - Bengals (White)

5:30 pm

Panthers (Teal) - Bobcats (Navy Blue)

6:30 pm

See full schedule for "2023-U8-Tyke B" >

2023-U16-U18 Bantam-Junior (2)

Triple Tech Destroyers (Green) - Crusaders (White)

7:30 pm

Knights (Yellow) - Triple Tech Raiders (Orange)

8:30 pm

See full schedule for "2023-U16-U18 Bantam-Junior" >

2023-U12 Atom (3)

Rhinos (Red) - Stingers (White)

6:00 pm

Novice Rep (Blazers) - Hornets (Yellow)

7:00 pm

Marlins (Green) - Matt Stone PS Cadillac Sabres (Blue)

8:00 pm

See full schedule for "2023-U12 Atom" >

2023-U11 Girls (3)

Blue Jackets(Navy Blue) - Penguins(Yellow)

5:30 pm

Canucks (Orange) - Penguins(Yellow)

6:00 pm

Canucks (Orange) - Blue Jackets(Navy Blue)

6:30 pm

See full schedule for "2023-U11 Girls" >

2023-U14 Girls (2)

Stars (Yellow) - Oilers (Blue)

7:00 pm

Senators (Green) - Flames (Red)

8:00 pm

See full schedule for "2023-U14 Girls" >

No events has been found for selected day.

No events has been found for selected day.

No events has been found for selected day.

See full calendar for "Penetang / Midland Minor Ball Hockey League"