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League Rules

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In conjunction with the OBHA rules, the following also apply when playing in the Belleville 4 on 4:


1.  Persons that have not registered are NOT permitted to play.


2.  If a team has a minimum number of players (4 players – not including the goalie) – borrowing players is NOT permitted. Teams are       to play with their own players.  


3.  If a team has less than 3 players (not including the goalie) , the team will have to take an automatic loss/forfeit. 

There will be a $75.00 fine for any teams that has to forfeit, and do not give the league the proper 1 week notice for cancellation

ALL fines are payable before the team plays their next scheduled game.

When a team forfeits the opposing team will receive the points for the win.


4. Excessive physical force is NOT permitted (ie. Punching, kicking, head bunting) and will result in suspension for the remainder of the season with no refund.


5. Slap shots -are NOT permitted at any time.  Players may not raise their stick above the knee.  If a slap shot is taken, play will be immediatly stopped and possession of the ball will be given to the non-offending team.


6. Penalty shots -Minor penalty's will result in penalty shot for the non offending team.  Major penalty will result in penalty shot and game ejection up to official's discretion. * If a ball is intentionally struck out of play in the last 3 min of play it will be blown down as a delay of game and penalty shot will be granted to opposing team.


7. High Stick to the ball, above crossbar -player will lose possession of the ball and non-offending team will be given possession to pass in.


8. Foul language - Any player verbally abusing an opponent or an official will be ejected out of the game.

9. If a player is caught destroying dome property they will be asked to leave.




If players have any concerns, they are to let their team representative know and the team representative will deal directly with the league president.



Important info

You must be registered on line in order to play in Belleville 4 on 4 Co-Ed Ball Hockey.

League Info

Belleville 4 on 4 Co-Ed Ball Hockey

Year of start: 2012

Events Calendar

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2019 Fall 4ON4 (7)

Scott's Haulage - Sunday Nite Dynamite

4:00 pm

Pool & Lawn - Sage Design and Construction

4:00 pm

Belleville Beasts - Predators

5:00 pm

Puck'in Beauties - Whalers

5:00 pm

McDougall Mustang - Green Grass Oasis

6:00 pm

Dekes of Hazzard - Poutinerie

6:00 pm

Short Sticks - J Bryant Plumbing

7:00 pm

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No events has been found for selected day.

No events has been found for selected day.

No events has been found for selected day.

No events has been found for selected day.

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