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Hockey Stick Safety Memorandum

Selected season

It has been brought to my attention that some players may be participating in our program with hockey sticks that are dangerous, which is a safety concern.

Carbon Fibre Sticks can have two safety concerns:

1) Blades that are worn leading to splinters that can be embedded in an opponent’s skin.

2) Missing End Caps and butt-ends not taped off, which can result in puncture injuries if a player is hit with the end of the stick (including the player carrying the stick).

Wooden Sticks with splinters that can be embedded in an opponent’s skin.

All parents are asked to check their children's sticks to be sure they are safe to use.  If the stick is not safe, it must be taped to prevent injury or replaced.

Our League Executive, Conveners and Referees have been informed to monitor all the player’s sticks and remove any stick not deemed safe from the game.  

Thanks in advance for your cooperation with this safety concern,

Jamie Robillard

Penetang-Midland Minor Ball Hockey League

Important info

phone: 705-717-1632
email: pmmbhl@hotmail.com

Facebook – open facebook page
Twitter – @pmmbhl
Instagram – PMMBHL

Inclement Weather:  With the roof over the Outdoor Rink, games will not be cancelled due to rain,  Games will be cancelled in the event of a Tornado Alert.

Our summer program began play the week of July 19 at the Township of Tay Outdoor Rink in Port McNicoll.

We still have a few spaces remaining as follows:

Mini-Tyke (learn to play) - Full
U8-Tyke - 2 spaces
U10- Novice - Full
U12-Atom - 1 space
U14-PeeWee - 3 spaces
U18- Bantam/Junior - 4 spaces
Girls U11 - 2 spaces
Girls U14 - 1 space
Girls U18 - 1 space

To register please contact the league at pmmbhl@hotmail.com with your child's name and year of birth.
We will then email you a registration package.

League Info

Penetang / Midland Minor Ball Hockey League

Administered by: Jamie Robillard

Year of start: 1979

Phone: 705-717-1632

Link: http://www.pmmbhl.ca

Events Calendar

Jul 24
Jul 25
Jul 26
Jul 27
Jul 28
Jul 29
Jul 30

No events has been found for selected day.

No events has been found for selected day.

2021-Novice (1)

2021-Pee Wee (3)

Green - Orange

7:30 pm

Green - Red

8:00 pm

Red - Orange

8:30 pm

See full schedule for "2021-Pee Wee" >

2021-Tykes (2)

Green - Red

5:30 pm

Orange - Royal Blue

6:30 pm

See full schedule for "2021-Tykes" >

2021-Bantam-Junior (2)

Green - Red

7:30 pm

White - Yellow

8:30 pm

See full schedule for "2021-Bantam-Junior" >

2021-Atom (3)

Blue - Orange

7:00 pm

Blue - White

7:30 pm

White - Orange

8:00 pm

See full schedule for "2021-Atom" >

2021-Girls U11 (1)

Yellow - Navy Blue

6:00 pm

See full schedule for "2021-Girls U11" >

2021-Girls U14 (1)

No events has been found for selected day.

See full calendar for "Penetang / Midland Minor Ball Hockey League"