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Game Rules

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Peterborough Ball Hockey House League Rules

We emphasize  SAFETY & FUN


-We use OBHA rules with some house league rules added.

- Minor’s plays two 16 minute periods.

-Teams start the game in the opposite end to their bench.

- Games start on time with the 3 minute warm up.

- After the warm up, the game starts with 6 players, (6 runners or 5 runners and 1 goalie).

Players can only play on the team that they are rostered to. An exception can be made by the President or VP. Due to the importance of goalies, we will make an exception to goalies playing for other teams if needed but MUST be written on the game sheet and MUST have the letters AP (affiliated player) beside their name.

-Ball must hit the floor and be played with the stick first or play is stopped and faceoff player is removed. Rule 57(a).

-We have a floating blue line rule. Blue line is not used once the ball crosses the line.

-Tape is allowed on sticks (no black tape on the blade), (house rule)( Rule 21(g)

-Refs are NOT medically trained and not responsible to treat any injuries. Teams must attend to injuries.

Harassment of officials will be penalized harshly.


ALL players and goalies MUST wear CSA approved helmets with chin straps fastened within one finger from the chin. (NO string or tape for holding helmets on). Minor’s leagues MUST wear CSA facial protection. CSA gloves, hockey or ball hockey with palms in good condition. Shin pads, covered with pants or socks.

Sticks MUST be ice hockey sticks in safe condition, (NO cracks or splinters)

ALL hard fiber pads (shin pads, elbow pads and goalie equipment) MUST be covered.

ALL players must wear uniform team colours with numbers on the back (NO taped numbers)

Goalies should also wear team matching colours.


-All penalties are the same as OMHA / OWHA ice hockey rules except these few listed below.

-Slice/golf shots (one hand or two, backhand or forehand) minor, major & GM or match & GM.

-Slide checks, if player contact is made it’s a minor, major & GM or match & GM.

-High sticking the ball above the shoulder is a face off in defensive end zone.

-Head contact – Accidental is a minor.                                                                                                           

                       -- Intentional is a double minor or major & GM or match. & GM.

-Wrap arounds are a minor or major & GM.  (Interference or holding).

-Free hand contact may be a minor or major & GM or match & GM. (call is Body contact, roughing, holding,)

-Body checking is a minor or major & GM or match & GM.

NO slapshots above the waist, either in the windup or the follow through. NO penalty for the first offence. Unless contact is made with an opponent, Stop play and faceoff is in the defensive zone.



                    -Butt Ending attempt  (a butt end is a match penalty with a 5 game suspension)


                   -Head Butt

                   -Head Contact (Intentional)

-Fighting is a major & GM or match & GM and a minimum 5 game suspension for first fight and a year for second fight within a year of the first. Instigator and aggressor is an addition game suspension, each.

Accumulated penalties may lead to suspension. Repeat offenders will be suspended or removed from the league.

-3 penalties in one game is a game ejection. (Double minors are treated as one penalty toward 3 penalty ejection)

-NO water bottles at the net. (Unless it’s a NO-SPILL bottle). Minor for delay of game to clean up water.


Guye Vondette


Referee in Chief / Supervisor


OBHA Board of Directors.

Important info

Check out our NEW website at 

Season 2019 is coming soon
Tyke, Novice, Atom, Peewee  Registrations are open. 

Our 2018 sponsors were 
K & M Lawncare 
Firehouse Subs
Rebound Skates and Golf
National Sports
Royal LePage, Parkway Realty
(Patricia Sweeting & Tasha LaFave)
Ductwise Duct Cleaning
Boston Pizza
Peterborough Petes
Ricarts Trophies
Personal Touch Banquet Hall
Rhinos Roadhouse (Bewdley)
Jack in the Box (party rentals) 
Arby's Restaraunt
Indian River Reptile Zoo

Player of the game sponsors were 

Firehouse subs had donated "Player of the Game" gift certificates at the new Firehouse Sub restaurant on Lansdowne St by the Parkway,
Check them out, for GREAT subs. 
For a GREAT night out take the family to Firehouse Subs than to a Petes game, maybe even look at seasons tickets. Very cheap cost for great entertainment. 
SWISS CHALET 933 Lansdowne St W had donated "Player of the Game" gift certificates. For a Great dinner go to SWISS CHALET 933 Lansdowne St W.
Rebound Skates and Golf had donated free skate sharpening coupons to get your skates ready for next season, they also carry lots of other sports equipment. They are on Lansdowne beside our sister sponsor Swiss Chalet.
National Sports had donated cards for 10% off your next purchase, so make it a big one. Keep the card and every time you buy something, show your card, they scan the back and 5% goes into our league to help with our banquet, Rep team jerseys,year book, etc.
Boston Pizza had generously donated gift certificates for every player for "Player of the Game"
Peterborough Petes had donated coupons for the gift store.
Arby's Restaraunt had donated coupons for our player of the games.
Indian River Reptile Zoo.  Over 400 reptiles, 100 crocs, 50 dinosaurs and a new 18 hole mini golf course.

Peterborough Examiner posted a great article on Feb 10th thanks to Mike Davies.
The Millbrook Times posted a great article in their paper March 1st on page 12. Thanks to Karen

We have Catherine McGrath as Treasurer. We will all be filling in other areas as well. If anyone would also like to help please sent me an email.
Any questions about how to etranfer just send an email to our pmbhl@yahoo.com c/o Treasurer

PLEASE support our TEAM sponsors, like they support us.

K & M Lawncare, For ALL your lawn care needs and so much more. call 705 -930-LAWN (5296) or 905 429-9398
PRIMERICA   Please check out there web site at www.primerica.com. They will help you with a lot of financial needs.
Mortlock Construction Inc  For your building needs check them out at office@mortlockconstruction.com.
Ductwise Duct Cleaning To keep your home clean and safe check them out at www.ductwise.com
Royal LePage, Parkway Realty, for ALL your real estate needs talk to Patricia Sweeting or Tasha LaFave at parkway@royallepage.ca
Ricarts Trophies . Supplying our community with all our sports apparel and award needs.
Personal Touch Banquet Hall. Book your next event with Kevin and April Sendel,
Rhino's Roadhouse. Come to Bewdley for a lovely breakfast, lunch or dinner and sit on the patio and look out over Rice Lake.
Jack in the Box, Party Rentals. For ALL your party needs stop into Jack in the Box at the corner of Reid St & McDonald Ptbo. 

Lets also support our "Player of the Game" sponsors, 

Firehouse Subs Best subs in town,
East Side Marios Enjoy a great night out for dinner.  
Swiss Chalet, (933 Lansdowne St W) best chicken in town, 
Rebound Skates and Golf, specializing in Quality used sports equipment,
National Sports, carrying all the latest and greatest new sports jerseys and equipment.
Boston Pizza Great food for the whole family at two locations
Peterborough Petes, Enjoy a sports night out at the Petes game
Arby's  Come try their one of a kind roast beef sandwich 
Indian River Reptile Zoo, Over 400 reptiles, 100 crocs, 50 dinosaurs, and man 18 hole mini golf course.
Our email address. its pmbhl@yahoo.com

Remember to use your National Sports card every time you buy something there. They will scan the back and add 5% to our league.

I am also affiliated with the 
Peterborough Women's Ball Hockey Association (PWBHA) and
 Peterborough Men''s Ball Hockey Association (PMBHA) contact Codie McColl at codiemccoll10@hotmail.com

Looking forward to seeing everyone back this season, with a friend.

Guye Vondette

League Info

Peterborough Minor Ball Hockey League

Administered by: Guye Vondette

Year of start: 2017

Phone: 705.768.4893

Link: www.weareballhockey.com

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