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2019 World Master’s Ball Hockey Championships

Monday, 20 May, 2019 09:56
2019 World Master’s Ball Hockey Championships

WHERE THE WORLD UNITES for the World Master’s Over 35 Ball Hockey Championships in June 2019 at the home of Master’s Ball Hockey supremacy in Canada, Ontario and Mississauga will play host to the tournament.

The air of breathless anticipation and an unprecedented level of energy and enthusiasm from everyone involved as the best U35 nations in the sport of ball hockey plan, prepare and pack their bags to travel from various continental divides to play on the world's largest stage for the game's biggest prize. 
The tournament will be hosted June 4 to 9 at Paramount Event Centre in Mississauga and one nation will stand alone and accept the 2019 World Over 35 Championship trophy emblematic of global 'orange ball' supremacy in ball hockey’s Canadian hotbed.
It will undoubtedly be an event for the ages and one that will be remembered for generations to come...
For information on the championships, visit wbhfc.com
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