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OBHA Alumni Member Kelly Graham Writes book of Inspirational Stories

Wednesday, 02 September, 2015 09:34
OBHA Alumni Member Kelly Graham Writes book of Inspirational Stories

Two years ago, Kelly Graham earned 10th place at the CrossFit Games in Carson, California.

She spent a disciplined year in training and re-qualified in 7th place in 2014. Unfortunately, just 6 weeks before the Games, she suffered 2 disc injuries in her cervical spine. These injuries prevented her from competing in California and has altered Kelly’s ability to train at a competitive level (at this point in time, she likes to add). Kelly re-focused her passion for CrossFit and has spent the last 14 months seeking out inspirational stories from around the world of people finding strength and hope through functional fitness and it’s community. Her book, Hope RX’D will be released on amazon.com September 1st.

Hope RX’D is a collection of stories that celebrate the strength of the human spirit. It encourages us to be optimistic in tomorrow. Hope RX’D takes us behind the banging of the weights, away from the white board and the ticking of the clock, to witness the true beauty of this sport. No matter what your interests are or what obstacles you face in life, there is a story inside this book for you to relate to and gain from. To purchase this book or for more information about Kelly, visit her website:www.hoperxd.com "

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